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Lippy: Kate Talks Makeup Brand ArtDeco

Art Devine As some of you may already know, I’m back on another season of The Today Show on RTE. Back to looking after Maura, Daithi and all the guests, day in, day out. We’re nearly four weeks in at this stage and it’s like I never left. The Nima brushes I wrote of last […]


Lippy: Kate Reveals Her ‘Sandra’ Solution For Problem Skin

Seeing Sandra I’m at my wits end….my skin has never been so bad. Not only is it embarrassing and unattractive it’s so sore and uncomfortable too. I have painful lumps under the skin that don’t seem to be going anywhere. It’s mainly the lower half of my face, chin and jaw line. According to face […]


Lippy: Kate Talks About Her Love Affair With MAC’s New Collection

Make up Art Cosmetics My love affair continues. This brand can do no wrong and even when you think they might have, you could be proven very wrong. A love affair of another kind is going down on counter at present. A Novel Romance….with inspiration taken from those racy, well thumbed lady books you might […]


Lippy: Kate Talks About Her New Favourite Body Milk

Cleopatra A recent generous birthday gift from a lovely friend Tara of the Beauty Boutique in Cork….. saw me being able to lovingly nourish my skin post holidays. Post over indulgence in alcohol, post sunshine abuse and general all over dehydration. Labelled as the “Must Have” body moisturiser by Decleor themselves, this little magic bottle […]


Lippy: Kate Talks Scrubs, Creams and her Big News!

Sunshine Scrub Sorry if anyone missed me last week, but I have no shame in divulging, I was sunning myself in Spain for 9 days. 8 nights, glamping in the hills over Malaga, doing yoga and gorging on yummy vegetarian food. On a recommendation from fellow blogger Emer (Irish Fashaholic), this is the second time […]


Lippy: Kate Reviews Nivea’s In Shower Body Moisturiser

Shower and go….. Since developing a gym obsession in the past few years (yes I’m one of those…) I could shower twice a day sometimes. I’m not going to call it an obsession actually as we should all be taking regular exercise. I, on the other hand, have chosen to go down the intense tyre […]


Lippy: Kate Talks Highlighting – What To Use and Wear To Put it

All a Glow Glow Any regular readers will know of my delayed love affair with cream blush as of late. Maybe it was just about being in the right place at the right time, or more likely that I am in fact just getting older and the flat matt look just isn’t doing it for […]

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Lippy: Kate Returns To The New and Improved Rimmel Sun Shimmer

Shimmer Shimm Ye all know of my love affair with Rimmel. It’s one of my favourite pharmacy brands. Like the Pennys of the cosmetic world. Bang on trend, Great quality and amazing value for money. Not without its faults (every cosmetic company has produced something I have been disappointed with) but these are heavily outnumbered […]


Lippy: Kate Reveals Her Top Five Mascaras

Mascara Mo Chara I don’t suffer from cold sores (thank God!) Wouldn’t I be a vision all together with my persistent acne thrown in for good measure too. I do however get the very odd stye in my eye when I’m run down. This is like a tiny yet annoyingly uncomfortable cyst in your water line […]


Lippy: Kate Talks About Her Fantastic Hair Care Find

I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair…… I get sent a lot of hair care products, don’t get me wrong…I’m not complaining. I just hope I review them with justice as my background is in makeup. I like to think approaching them with ignorance hopefully gives me a more truthful, honest review. […]


Lippy: Kate Talks About The Micellar Miracle You Need To Know About

Micellar Miracle  You would have had to be living under a rock for the past few weeks, to not have jumped on the Micellar band wagon. Every blogger worth her salt is suddenly talking about it. I even see it popping up on fashion bloggers pages. You know it’s reached superstar status when it’s available […]


Lippy: Kate Reviews The Essence At Home Gel Nails Kit

Gel-ous One appointment I keep regularly is my nail appointment. I go once every two to three weeks for a manicure and gel polish. In my job it’s important to have clean, tidy looking nails. Between using my finger tips to open tidy pots of shadow, helping to tie up wedding dresses or flipping tires […]


Lippy: Kate Reveals Her Best Waterproof Mascara Buy

Rimmel me this… Just this Sunday gone I donned a wetsuit, helmet and “buoyancy aid” (also known as a lifejacket) and proceeded to jump into the ocean off rocks, small ledges and 18ft cliff edges. We explored caves and blow holes, swam from rock to rock and got tangled in seaweed. No I wasn’t anyway […]

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Lippy: Kate Tells Us How To Get ‘Second Day Hair’

Old Hair Don’t Care You know the way when you’re due to have your hair up-styled for an event, it’s usually recommended to wash your hair the night before? This is because freshly washed hair is usually too shiny, slippery and lacks grip. I can barely manage a simple tidy bun for the gym the day […]


Lippy: Kate Talks Sun Protection For Your Hair, Face & Lips

Heat Fave With temperatures said to reach similar to the south of  France this week, in true Irish style, we’re gonna strip down to our strappy tops and burn. With good weather being such a rarity, we’d nearly ring in sick just to offer our flesh up to the orange ball in the sky and […]


Lippy: Kate Talks The Importance of a Makeup Primer

Primed and Ready Accordingly to Vogue’s beauty writer Lisa Niven….primer does for your face what the right under wear does for your body. But instead of smoothening tummies, we need it to smooth fine lines and pores. Instead of lifting saggy bits, we need radiance and lift as well as colour correction. One myth I’m […]


Lippy: Kate Reviews Topshop’s Beauty Products

Tip Top Shop The high street brand associated with some of the coolest trends, models and musicians in our modern day culture. Collaborations with Kate Moss, dressing Kendall Jenner for the Met Ball and just churning out delicious separates and accessories. I was never a huge shopper in Topshop. In my larger days I found […]


Lippy: Kate Talks About the Amazing Benefits of ‘Oil Pulling’

 Pulling teeth…. If you’re an avid reader you’ll have heard me wax lyrically about coconut oil. Its many uses in beauty are slowly making their way into out routine. It can be used as moisturiser, lip balm, hair mask, make-up remover, cuticle oil, SPF and even deodorant. If this super food is so important, I […]


Lippy: Kate Reviews the Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Gradual Tanner

Sunshine Orange Apologies for the lack of posts last week. I was busy sunning myself in the South of Spain for 4 days. Unapologetically without wifi, or Whiff EE as I discovered the Spanish call it. Myself and himself decided to holiday a little differently this year. As we didn’t have a full week to […]