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Meet The Famous Five: The Pooches Almost Butchered For Pleasure

You probably know the cruel facts by now… That in countries like South Korea furry little pooches are gobbled on a regular basis for dinner.   It’s horrible to think that many of our furry loved one’s are not only eaten daily in these countries, but are also severely bullied and beaten beforehand. But thankfully […]

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A Brother and sister are in critical condition after being knocked down

A Brother and sister are in critical condition after being knocked down on their way home from school. The duo were hit by a car after getting off the bus in County Antrim yesterday afternoon. Emergency services were rushed to the scene Staffordstown Road in Co Antrim to assist the youngster, aged 11 and 13. […]

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The HSE has issued a worrying statement following the death of Michael Cornacchia

The HSE has issued a worrying statement following the death of Michael Cornacchia in Cork. The heath authority has warned the public about a white powder called U-47700, known on the streets as U4. According to the Irish Times, Gardai are investigating the matter as a suspected drugs overdose, prompting the HSE to issue the statement. […]

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A father and daughter were involved in a tragic incident in Dublin

A father and daughter were involved in a tragic incident after being hit by a car in Dublin. A man in his 50s sadly passed away and his daughter was left seriously injured after they were struck by a vehicle last night. Emergency officials were called to the scene in Lucan, but the man was […]


These easy steps can help to make your dog a lot happier

Follow these easy steps and you can help make your dog a lot happier! 1. Rotate their toys. We’re not suggesting you continuously buy your dog new toys, however, just like people dogs get bored easily. Rotating toys can help make them happier. When your dog gets bored of what’s out, put them away and bring […]

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This Dog’s owner wrote a book about her dogs life

Heidi E. Mckearney of Attleboro adopted Lilly, a paraplegic Chihuahua mix dog, and she has published a book about Lilly’s life. The book, which is titled ‘For the Love of Princess Lilly, A Survival Story’, tells the tale of Lilly’s journey through the illegal dog meat trade in Asia and how she “defied the odds”, according to […]

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Should you be brushing your dogs teeth?

Should you be brushing your dogs teeth? This is a common question asked by dog owners, and apparently, the answer is yes. According to the Guilford-Jamestown Veterinary Hospital, “you should brush your dog’s teeth in order to prevent gum disease, which can in turn make the doggy more prone to heart and kidney disease”. They recommend […]

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How to stop your dog from eating too quickly

According to Pet Essentials, dogs eating too quickly is a common problem for owners. Often it leads to Dog Bloat”, which is the common term used for the condition ‘Gastric Dilatation Volvulus’. However, luckily it’s not too hard of a problem to remedy. So how can you help your dog to eat slower? 1. Smaller feeds, […]

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Why you should have your dog on a grain free diet

Is the grain free food diet for dogs a new fad? Or should you actually be paying close attention to it? While pet nutritionists agree that majority of dogs can live healthily without following a grain free diet, there are many dogs who can develop digestive, skin or coat issues which are attributed to diet, specifically wheat and […]


Symptoms of A STI And Why Regular STI Testing Is So Important

Personal Sexual Health Testing with LetsGetChecked Brought to you by LetsGetChecked Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are, as the name suggests, infections that are spread by sexual contact. Regular STI testing is important for everyone who is sexually active, regardless of age, sexuality or relationship status. In many cases, people find themselves without access to sexual […]

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Man arrested after death of newborn baby

A man has been arrested after the sudden death of a newborn baby. According to the Irish Independent, the 30 year old man was arrested after the body of a newborn baby was found at a house in Wellington Court, Burnley. A spokeswoman for Lancashire Police told media: “The death is currently being treated as […]


Man arrested following the death of a 16 year old girl

An 18-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a 16 year old girl he met online. The young girl teenage girl was found dead on a pathway in Rotherham, South Yorkshire in suspicious circumstances yesterday morning. According to the Mirror, the girl’s body was found on a footpath by people walking by. And […]

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Two women killed minutes after getting off bus

It’s been confirmed that the two pedestrians killed yesterday evening, were struck just minutes after stepping off a bus. According to the Irish Independent, the women, who were in their sixties, had got off a bus from Dublin and were in the process of crossing the road when they were hit by a car in […]


This is how often you should be having sex at your age

According to a study done by Researchers at the Kinsey Institute of Sex, Reproduction and Gender this is how often you should be having sex based on your age. According to study they have identified the decades of our lives where we get the most action, and it’s probably not surprising. The research found that millennials are having the […]


Mother shares warning after discovering mould in her Sophie the Giraffe

  A mother has shared a warning to other parents after discovering mould in her child’s Sophie the Giraffe toy. The popular toy is commonly used by parents for teething. However many parents have discovered that the small hole in the toy allows liquid to get in and allow mould spores to grow Dana Chianese […]

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Two pedestrians killed in accident this evening

Two pedestrians have been killed in road traffic accident this evening. According to the Sunday World, Gardai have confirmed that two pedestrians were killed in a collision on the main Dublin to Derry road. The accident happened outside the Hunterstown Inn, south of Ardee. The road has now been sealed off for examination and according […]

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Gardai investigating death of 16 year old boy in Cork today

Gardai investigating the death of a 16 year old boy in Cork today have revealed that the suspected cause of death is an overdose. The teenage boy was found unresponsive at his home in Deermount on Southside of the city this morning. According to the Irish Times, Gardai are investigating the matter as a suspected […]


Bank customers warned about phishing scam

  Bank customers are being urged not to fall for the latest phishing scam doing the rounds. A scam mail is in circulation posing as Bank of Ireland. According to Newstalk, the mail has been sent not only to Bank of Ireland customers, but also account holders in a number of other banks in the […]

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Man killed in farming accident in Kerry

A man has been killed in a farming accident in Kerry today. The man who was in his 30s was killed in the accident which took place around 11.30am today in Lisheenbawn, Farranfore. According to Breaking News, the man was taken to Tralee General Hospital with critical injuries – but was later pronounced dead. Both […]