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This is how often you should be having sex at your age

According to a study done by Researchers at the Kinsey Institute of Sex, Reproduction and Gender this is how often you should be having sex based on your age. According to study they have identified the decades of our lives where we get the most action, and it’s probably not surprising. The research found that millennials are having the […]


Almost half of women will experience this after sex

A new report claims that almost half of women feel sad after sex. In a paper published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine this week, 46 per cent of females reported having “post-sex blues” The condition is characterised by tearfulness, anxiety, agitation, a sense of melancholy or depression, or aggression. Over five per cent of the […]


Wayne Bridge complains about sex life with wife Frankie

Frankie Bridge was left embarrassed after her husband, Wayne, revealed intimate details about their sex life on Saturday night’s “I’m a Celeb”. Ohhhhhhh @WayneBridge just stop talking…. I’m begging you!!!! ???????????????????? #ImACeleb #teamwayne #sorrymum&dad — Francesca Bridge (@FrankieBridge) November 26, 2016 Frankie took to Twitter, telling her husband to stop talking, after he went on […]


A Woman Became Pregnant Through Anal Sex And How It Happened Is Mind Boggling

You would never have thought that it would have been possible, but somehow, a woman in Atlantic City managed to conceive through anal sex. The belief that you can’t get pregnant from anal sex has been blown out of the water, after an incredible story from America has revealed that a woman has actually become […]

Ten Things That Will Seriously Improve Your Relationship

To be in a good relationship you need to learn to do certain things for and your partner. See ten things that will ensure a good relationship below: Misunderstandings are inevitable Misunderstandings will always happen. But when they do, don’t punish your partner. Let it go. Rather than getting frustrated with your partner forgive them […]

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Five Things You Should Never Do Before Having Sex

Believe it or not, there are lots of things that we’re not supposed to do before and after sex, and avoiding them could make a big difference on what’s about to go down.  So take note ladies: Taking an Antihistamine Antihistamines work by drying out your mucus membranes to relieve nasal congestion… and in doing […]


Three Things Women Should NEVER Do After Sex

There are few things that you should never do straight after a passionate liaison. Getting lucky can cause vaginal tissues to become swollen and more likely to become infected. If you want to keep your bits in optimum health, you should avoid doing these three things: Not weeing Going for a wee after sex isn’t just […]

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Ten Things Women Do That Turn Men Off

It’s undeniable that women can be seriously hard to read and figure out. We’re probably so confusing to men, and the way we think is completely different to the way we think. Sometimes we try so hard to impress men that we end up turning them off, and here’s how: 1. Not being honest. This […]

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1 in 10 divorces happen due to inlaws

According to a 2013 survey carried out in the UK, one in ten divorces are caused by inlaws interfering. The study was carried out by the Co-Operative Legal Services, who surveyed 2,000 married couples as well as 800 divorcees. Interfering in-laws came in 8th place as the main reason why couples got divorced. Affairs, selfishness, […]


Having Sex Once A Week Is Enough For A Happy Relationship

You may be lead to believe that the more sex you have, the happier you and your partner will be. That nightly intimacy will make you a stronger, more connected couple. Well this is not the case.   According to experts, having sex just once a week is enough. Having more sex than once a […]

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So This Is How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You

Yes, there really IS a magic formula … Believe it or not, there really is a formula to make a man fall in love with you. Just remember the acronym “MAGNETICS” and get ready to get loved up, ladies! 1. M is for Masculinity A man wants a woman who just “gets” him. He wants her […]

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This Is How Long Sex Should Actually Last

Lionel Richie may have sang about ‘all night long’ but it turns out this is not always the case, as research shows the average term we spend getting down to business is just  5.4 minutes. Seemingly, this figure does not include rubbing or touching but covers the actual moment of penile penetration and ‘stop’ at […]

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8 Shocking Sexual Facts You Probably Never Knew

Semen can be used as face cream. “It is believed to diminish wrinkles, smooth skin and help with taming or preventing acne” according to medical daily. There can be up to 25 calories in a teaspoon of semen. We say teaspoon as this is the average amount ejaculated. There is approximately 300 million sperm in just […]

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50 Stone Mother Uses Sex To Shed The Weight

Patty Sanchez, once longed to be the heaviest woman in the world and at the peak of her weight gain Sanchez weighed in at a whopping 50st. The now 32st mother-of-four is shedding the pounds by having sex with her new boyfriend who is 14 years her junior. Her ex-boyfriend who doubled as her “feeder” […]

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8 Facts About Sex That Will Seriously Shock You

Semen can be used as face cream. “It is believed to diminish wrinkles, smooth skin and help with taming or preventing acne” according to medical daily. There can be up to 25 calories in a teaspoon of semen. We say teaspoon as this is the average amount ejaculated. There is approximately 300 million sperm in just […]


This one big mistake that men make in bed is ruining sex for women

More than half of men regularly make one mistake in bed which could be ruining their sex lives. A new sex survey found that men who bolt the minute sex is over are killing the joy for their partners. It revealed that a post-coital cuddle boosts women’s sexual enjoyment by 30 per cent. In fact […]

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These Are Three Reasons Why Women Should NOT Remove Their Pubic Hair

You’re probably all familiar with the pros of removing your pubic hair (otherwise why would we do it?), but the cons – besides hassle and ingrown hairs – are not as well versed. That’s what makes this video from AsapSCIENCE (below) so interesting. They investigated whether the benefits of removing the hair down there outweigh the potential […]

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Sandra Murphy: Getting back out there

When you come out of a relationship one of the scariest things can be putting yourself back out there and start dating again. And if you’ve been in a relationship for a while – it may be that things have changed quite a bit since you were last on the scene. Because, dating is scary. […]


What A Man Spotted In This Photo Made Him Divorce His Wife

Marriage, like many things, is in the details – the couples that make it know pretty much everything about one another. One couple recently discovered that maybe the details are a little more important than they ever could have imagined. When the husband was away on business for two weeks, he missed his wife a great deal. […]

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Two women have been caught performing a scandalous sex act

Two women have been caught performing a scandalous sex act on a hotel balcony in a big American city. The pair can be seen kneeling down in front of the man outside the glamourous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Chicago. The disgusting scene was caught on camera by passers-by and one onlooker can be heard scream […]