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Stacey Solomon Opens Up About Her Crippling Anxiety

Stacey Solomon has confessed to feeling extreme anxiety when faced with her weight, compared to looking at slimmer people in magazines.



The singer and TV star appeared on ITV’s Loose Women and opened up about her anxiety attacks, and admitted that sometimes she found it impossible to physically eat.

The panelists were discussing the topic of eating disorders being more prominent now in people of an older age due to a trauma when Stacey made her admission.

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Stacey revealed that when she goes through a breakup or a difficult phase she struggles to eat because she has an emotional attachment to food.

She admitted: ”I have been bigger than I am now… probably a bit too big for my own frame. I’m not medically overweight, but I felt different. I remember looking at magazines and seeing pictures of women that were really slim and what you’re ‘supposed’ to look like and just getting anxiety from looking at the pictures”.


”It made me feel sick and like I didn’t want to eat”.

She made sure to point out, when asked by her co-stars, that she did not “use” the pictures to make herself not eat.


Stacey added: ”I wouldn’t use it to not eat, but I physically couldn’t. I would look and be like, ‘I don’t look anything like that person’. It was horrible”.

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